Peter Scalzo, director and building practitioner for Scalzo constructions, specialises in building one off architectural homes and commercial projects. Every project Scalzo constructions builds is unique and has been designed by some of Melbourne’s leading contemporary architects. The craftsmanship in these projects must be first class and takes a close working relationship between architect, client and builder to accomplish this.

Peter spends most of his time on site overseeing the work up close and ensuring the vision is becoming a valuable reality. He values the interactive partnership between client and architect throughout the entire build. It is this relationship that ensures that the design is conceptualized exactly as the architect sees it while working through the various problems that arise through the building process to achieve the desired goal.
Working with architects is Scalzo constructions business and coupled with Peters twenty six years experience in the building trade, his skills, knowledge and experience have equipped him to expertly apply the necessary building techniques to projects that not only meet but exceed the client’s needs and expectations.

Scalzo constructions are a boutique building company that dedicate time to focus on each project, one at a time.